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"Arlene Pellicane shares practical ideas on how to become a happy wife."

-Dr. Gary Chapman, bestselling author of The Five Love Languages

"31 Days to a Happy Husband is a meaningful read for any wife who wants to get closer to her husband."

-David Jeremiah, pastor and founder of Turning Point Ministries, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Arlene Pellicane’s message in 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife is every bit as clear, bright, cheerful, and wise as she is."

-Liz Curtis Higgs, speaker and bestselling author of nearly 30 books

Ethan with his Spanish and English teacher - both claiming Ethan as theirs!

My Young Writer: Ethan’s Winning California Essay

My fifth-grader Ethan loves doing many things:  building Legos, martial arts, rollerblading, playing the piano, and listening to Tim Hawkin’s remakes.  And apparently, writing! He entered the CATE (California Association of Teachers of English) creative writing contest at school.  The theme was Uncommon Connections.  He not only won in the […]


I thee wed

It’s Supposed to Be Fun

When James and I were engaged, we were meeting with our wedding coordinator at the church.  There just happened to be a wedding happening simultaneously.  After our meeting, we were walking through the lobby and noticed the wedding party getting ready to begin the procession. James pushed me over to […]


Ethan crying

Saying Sorry to Your Kids

As a parent, you undoubtedly will need to say I’m sorry to your kids along the way. And that’s okay. When you make a mistake, raise your voice, hurt their feelings, you don’t have to cover it up, justify it, or mumble an apology.  It’s your opportunity to teach one […]


couple on red couch

Snuggle Power

My daughter Lucy definitely has physical touch as one of her love languages.  One of her favorite words when she was a toddler was “HUGGIE!” We often engage snuggle power for our kids, but we can forget to do that for our spouse.  So this Valentine’s Day and for the […]


Pam and Ar

Podcast: Pam Farrel on Red Hot Monogamy

Sexuality has been twisted by culture.  What is good is often seen as bad, and vice versa.  Today’s expert, author Pam Farrel talks about what real red hot monogamy is.  How can you refresh your love life with your spouse?  You’ll find this out and much more in today’s podcast. […]



Book Giveaway: Never Ever Be the Same

Have you ever felt like you needed more compassion and patience?  Perhaps you are trapped in negative patterns and you just don’t know how to change. We have longed for transformation – trading in our self-protective strategies for trust in God.  My friend Kathy Collard Miller and her husband Larry […]



Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago, James and I got married…friends turned sweethearts in graduate school at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Here’s the Outback Steakhouse where James pulled a yellow rose and a red rose out of his jacket and said, “I want like to start dating…” Man, am I glad he […]