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"Arlene Pellicane shares practical ideas on how to become a happy wife."

-Dr. Gary Chapman, bestselling author of The Five Love Languages

"31 Days to a Happy Husband is a meaningful read for any wife who wants to get closer to her husband."

-David Jeremiah, pastor and founder of Turning Point Ministries, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Arlene Pellicane’s message in 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife is every bit as clear, bright, cheerful, and wise as she is."

-Liz Curtis Higgs, speaker and bestselling author of nearly 30 books


Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago, James and I got married…friends turned sweethearts in graduate school at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Here’s the Outback Steakhouse where James pulled a yellow rose and a red rose out of his jacket and said, “I want like to start dating…” Man, am I glad he […]


keep it shut

Book Giveaway: Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to my friend Karen Ehman, the author of the new book Keep It Shut. The words we use with our family members and friends can get us into a lot of trouble.  But there’s good news… I’ll be giving away a copy of Keep […]



Getting Your Home Organized with Marcia Ramsland

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Need to get the clutter out of your family room? Having trouble finding things in your home? Organization is not my strong suit, so I’ve asked my friend Marcia Ramsland, the Organizing Pro, to help us!  In this podcast, you’ll learn how to get […]


boy dumbbell funny

Don’t Give Up

About now, you may be a little discouraged about the weight you gained at Christmas.  Like me, you may need a little pep talk.  So pull up a chair and let me tell you about my friend Cynthia. After her son was born, she was disappointed at her 6 week […]


GUS t shirt

5 Digital New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family

With 2015 at hand, why not pick a digital resolution for your family?  Now remember, if you overwhelm yourself with too many new habits all at once, you know what will happen. Nothing, absolutely nothing. You’ll give up on Day 3. So I would suggest choosing just one thing that resonates with you […]



Merry Christmas Friends!

From my home to yours, may you have a blessed Christmas this week! Joy to the world, the Lord has come.  The words of Isaiah 40:9-11 ring true as we think of the birth of the Messiah. O Zion, You who bring good tidings, Get up into the high mountain; […]



Bring Your Weary Feet to Jesus

Strangely, my family has a thing with feet. This month, James jammed his toe in between the mats at our martial arts studio.  It’s not broken, but it’s sprained.  The doctor told him to stay off it for one month.  So my usually handy husband is on crutches this Christmas […]